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Fine Dining
The Vinyards Restaurant                  120 Renolda Village               Winston Salem NC 27106                           336-478-0269       
Leons Cafe                                          924 S Marshall Street             Winston Salem NC 27107                           336-725-9593
Nobles Grille                                       380 Knollwood Street             Winston Salem NC 27103                            336-777-8477 
Camel City Cafe                                 401 West Fourth St.                 Winston-Salem, NC  27101                         336-734-1797 
Liberty Oak                                          100-D W Washington St         Greensboro, NC  27401                                336-273-7057 
Emerywood Fine Foods                   130 West Lexington Ave          High Point, NC  27262                                   336-882-6971
River Birch Lodge                              3324 Robinhood Rd                 Winston-Salem, NC  27106                         336-768-1111
1703 Restaurant                               1703 Robinhood Road             Winston-Salem, NC                                       336-725-5767     
223 South Elm                                   223 South Elm Street                Greensboro, NC  27401                               336-272-3331 
Hutch & Harris                                    420 W. 4th St                              Winston-Salem, NC27101                          336-721-1336 
Bernardin's Fine Dining                   373 Jonestown Rd                    Winston Salem, NC, 27104                          336-768-9365
Noble's Grille                                     380 Knollwood St                       Winston Salem, NC, 27103                         336 777-8477




Triad Food Guide
Fine dining restaurants generally have the following services and requirements:
Dress Code: In most cases a fine dining restaurant will not permit jeans, t-shirts, hats and may even require a suit jacket and tie.
Service: The service at a fine dining restaurant will generally be top notch. Expect each table to have no less than two servers directly responsible for it and a Maitre 'D overseeing service.
Menu: The menu at fine dining restaurants tends to be extremely classy with high quality ingredients and prepared by a well-known and talented chef with years of industry experience.
Price: Expect to pay a little (to substantially) more for the extra attention to detail. This could range from $30 per person to hundreds - depending on menu and wine selections.
Valet Parking: Many fine dining restaurants offer valet parking for their dining guests.
Reservations: You will likely need to book ahead of your dining experience to ensure you will have a table upon your arrival.
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